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Ручная коробка передач

Автоматическая коробка передач

Как устроена автоматическая коробка передач (нифига не понятно, слишком многа букаф)

Гидротрансформатор АКПП


An internal look of a variator, a part of a CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission). What you see here are both a side view and a frontal view of the ACTIVE variator.

This variator has round weights (6 green ones in this ex) which are a key element here.
As the variator house spins by the engine, the centrifugal forces push these weights outside, and on to the wall of the second half of the variator house which pushes the driving belt (black) outside – changing the final drive ratio.

As I said, This part of the variator shown here is THE ACTIVE one in the system.

There is another PASSIVE (or SLAVE) variator, (not shown in this presentation) that looks SIMILAR to what is shown here. If you look at it working, then you'll see that it opens as the front one closes.
This PASSIVE variator has no weights, but just a spring that pushes the plates one to another, with the belt moving between them. The ACTIVE variator is stronger then the spring force, allowing it to control the passive's variator opening – in and out.

The combination of two variators, one that closes while other is open, and vise versa, is what constantly changes the final drive ratios.


CVP (Continuously variable planetary)

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